NOVOS PRODUTOS (New Product Development)

Everybody loves food. For some people food is always the thought and the fact that for some people food is like life compels them to look for new exotic flavors. For that some people also do some crazy experiments with their ethnic food. We, the Adroit team provide you the platform to showcase your innovative ideas and bring it under the spotlight and make it available in the shelves. We know that ideas don't follow any boundaries so why should we? Yes! Ideas are welcomed in any food categories like RTE, RTS, RTC, organic, traditional/ethnic or any other type of food.


Last date of submission of abstract (max 300 words, with name of participants) is notified in website
Maximum 3 participants per team are allowed
Participant should display their product on the day of event
Participant should bring report regarding product developed (No need to display poster for NPD)


A picture is worth a thousand words and a poster is worth a million! Posters are representative of the work, designed to be eye catching for the viewers and informative about the work. This event is for you as an opportunity to give your ideas and present it on the platform provided in this National tech-fest ADROIT’18 to enrich your knowledge.

The Theme for Poster Presentation: "Recent Advances in Food Processing"
Last Date of Submission of Abstract : October 8, 2018
Abstract to be submitted to following Email id:


Maximum 2 members per team are allowed.
A detailed poster “53cm x 86cm” in size has to be submitted.
The poster should contain Title, Author affiliation, Summary, Significance/ Introduction, Objectives and Approach, Results & Accomplishments, Conclusions, and Future Research.
The poster must be in printed form only.
 Handmade posters will not be allowed.


A Workshop on manufacturing of processed food products will provide knowledge inn operating state-of-the-art machinery and processing lines to the participants. Its objective is to develop occupational competencies of the participants. This will help them to familiarize with work methods and expose them to the necessary experience to handle equipment and machinery. So, we the adroit team are providing you an incredible experience in our very own Experiential Learning Unit.


For thousands of years people have been creating models to translate and improve their ideas into three dimensional realities. Model making is a next logical step in the thinking process for many ideas. In a way, everyone is a model maker when they translate an idea into physical reality. Food Engineering nurtures upon innovations pertaining to sustainable development alongside this technocratic world. Eradicate your anxiety and develop a prototype/model (semi working or static) that will be admired by others.

In this event, you can rewrite history or envision the future. Redefine the laws of gravity and the theories of relativity as you dream up alternate universes and envision fantastic futures. Your creativity, new idea, floor presentation, design and fabrication skills shall be the criteria for deciding the winners.

So, here is an opportunity for all the young minds to demonstrate their talent by making a semi-working and static model of an existing idea or innovation or a concept of your own.


You think you have entrepreneurial attitude, hola! we also think so. Business is a combined application of Commerce, Science and Arts. Businesses these days demand an out-of-the-box thinking and letting your imaginations run wild. Creativity and Innovations convert opportunities into marketable ideas for Entrepreneurs. It is the means for which they become catalyst for change. Give yourself Per-Mission to be all that you WANT to be. Any business can make millions and millions, even if you sell a common product in right way. For this you need 3 things: idea, creativity and sources.

Team Adroit brings a competition in which they will be judged on their business theme, presentation skills etc. It is intended as a platform to encourage youth to express and exhibit their ideas and turn them into reality that combines technology, vision and business acumen. Here you would be able to innovate your entrepreneur skills by incorporation of new innovative ideas, suggestions and advises from experts’ panel. SO, get ready for our own “shark tank”.

Selected business ideas may get the opportunity for further incubation under Start up Support Scheme / Students Start-up & Innovation Policy.


Maximum 3 Members per team
Teams will have to submit an abstract of their business idea 15 days prior to the event
Abstracts will be scrutinized by an expert panel and teams selected will go to the final round
The teams selected for the final round will have to submit their final ppt presentation 2 days prior to the event
Visit Website for further details


We did talk about bright minds, right? We “cynical” people like to test that as well. We all love to explore different food stuffs, so let’s check your knowledge about the same. So be wouldn’t be easy as it is a national level food quiz contest with a tinge of technology & business covering topics related to Food Science, Food Processing, Food Engineering, Food Business, Food Safety, Food Nutrition and Food Quality, etc.


Advertising is the best of the means of communication with the consumers of a product or service, using any audio or visual media. A flashy and attractive ad makes customer take a glance of the product, get influenced and buy it. So, if you have such an active talent and want to explore it, the National tech-fest ADROIT’18 is giving you an opportunity to show your talent of ad-making. Impress upon the audience with your cool advertisement and try to bring something new to convince to use the product and exhibit your skills. Time limit for showcasing ad is minimum of 30 seconds and maximum of 2 minutes. The minimum number of team members is 4.


Everybody has a hidden talent that is buried deep inside somewhere.  Someone good at singing, or good at dancing, while someone know how to make people laugh or to make people cry. Someone has spectacular power for mono-acting. If you are that one and feel that you have hidden talent to win hearts of people then come here and participate in our competition.

  • Solo, duet or group performances, Mime and Short skit are most welcome to show their talent.
  • Please mention the talent you or your group is going to showcase.
  • Please bring your accessories, instruments or any requirements required for your performance.
  • You will be given minimum 2 min and maximum 5 min to impress the audience and judges.
  • Indecent performances & costumes will not be entertained.
  • Soundtracks should be submitted one day prior to the event. (ONLY PENDRIVES).
  • Stage and stage property should not be damaged.
  • This event requires pre-registration that should come through respective colleges.


The feel of the Adrenaline pushing through the veins and the heart beating Vigorously, Well Some people are born to be daredevils. We, the Adroit team, challenge you to our event “ROADIES” where not only Physical but also Mental Endurance is Crucial. Beat it and Win It! So, do you have what it takes to be a “ROADIE”? A Legend? Find it out here.


The Final Judgement of the event in case of any malpractice remains with the team Adroit.
Participants must be physically present at the given venue and time or else they will be disqualified.
Any unpleasant behavior with the team Adroit will not be tolerated and strict action will be taken by the disciplinary committee.
Participants are requested to wear shoes at the time of the event for their own safety.


Every picture holds a story, some simple while some complex comprising of millions of Ideas and Inspirations, but the best part is that anyone can be a photographer, you just need some Inspiration. Take out your camera from the Attic and be ready for a challenging task and make it your best snap ever. So, join us at “Adroit 18’ and bring out the Photographer inside you.

Theme will be displayed on our website


Participants will have to send two photographs captured only through DSLR camera

One photograph on given theme
Second photograph of same theme along with a selfie for authentication purpose.

Any Manipulation or retouching of the photo is strictly prohibited and will be disqualified immediately.
Qualified participants will receive an intimation regarding their selection through e-mail.
The decision of the judges will be the final judgement.

Last Date for Submission of Photograph is 7th October 2018, for the first round.  Send your photograph on following email address.
 Email ID:

Main Events

ADROIT is Postponed . Inconvenience is deeply regereted. New Dates will be announce soon

​October 15-16-17, 2018

A National Tech Fest on Food Processing