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Business is a combined application of Commerce, Science and Arts. Businesses these days demand that if you have to succeed, you need to have an out-of-the-box thinking and should let your imaginations come up with unique ideas. Creativity and Innovations converts opportunities into marketable ideas for Entrepreneurs. It is the means for which they become catalyst for change. Give yourself Per-Mission to be all that you WANT to be. Any business can make millions and millions, even if you sell a common product in right way. For this you need 3 things: idea, creativity and sources.

Team Adroit brings a competition in which they will be judged on their business theme, presentation skills etc. It is intended as a platform to encourage youth to express and exhibit their ideas and turn them into reality that combines technology, vision and business acumen. Here you would be able to innovate your entrepreneur skills by incorporation of new innovative ideas, suggestions and advises from experts panel.


We all love to explore different food stuffs, so lets check your knowledge about the same. So be wouldn’t be easy as it is a national level food quiz contest with a tinge of technology & business covering topics related to Food Science, Food Processing, Food Engineering, Food Business, Food Safety, Food Nutrition, Food Quality, etc.


A poster gives more ideas than words. Posters are representative of the work, designed to be eye catching for the viewers and informative about the work. This event is for you as an opportunity to give your ideas and present it on the platform provided in this National tech-fest ADROIT’17 to abandon your knowledge.

Theme: “Novel Technologies and Challenges in Food Processing”



Advertising is a best way to communicate with the consumers of a product or service, using any audio or visual media. A flashy and attractive ad makes customer take a glance on the product, get influence and buy it. So if you have such an acting talent and want to explore it, the National tech-fest ADROIT’17 is giving you an opportunity to show your talent of ad-making. Impress the audience with your coolest advertisement and try to bring something new to convince to use the product and exhibit your acting skills. Time limit for showcasing ad is minimum of  30 seconds and maximum of  2minutes.


Our College has an Incubation-cum-Center of Excellence Unit on Food Processing, imparting hands on training to students of the college. A Workshop on manufacturing of processed food products is one of our new event this year. The participants will get a hand-on-experience in operating state-of-art machinery and processing lines. It’s objective is to develop occupational competencies of the participants. The facility also provides an excellent opportunity to develop analytical and entrepreneurial skills, and knowledge. It will boost their confidence, in their ability to design and execute project work.


We have heard that memory can be sharpened by eating almonds. Let’s check how many almonds you have consumed? Here’s the game in which your memory power is going to be examined. So try to Remember so that you can Reproduce.

Hint: “The Faster, the Better”




Everybody has a hidden talent that is buried deep inside somewhere.  Someone good at singing, or good at dancing, while someone know how to make people laugh or to make people cry. Someone has spectacular power for mono-acting. If you are that one and feel that you have hidden talent to win hearts of people then come here and participate in our competition.



Raas-Garba is a night of energetic and playful dancing that commonly takes place for 9 days in the month of Aaso. Garba is a form of dance which was originated in the state of Gujarat in India. The performers of Garba dance are both boys and girls, who would clad themselves in colorful and magnetically attractive traditional attire. The dance mood begins with beats in slow tempo. As the dance proceeds, the energy level of the participants increases due to the fast beat and tempo of the music. This year we are organizing it on Panchami i.e. is the 5th night of the 9 nights. So take the opportunity to participate and win astonishing rewards.!!!

A group can have both boys & girls.
This event requires pre-registration that should come through respective colleges.
Any college can enroll more than one group.
All participants should perform in traditional garba dress only.
Everybody should bring their college Id & entry passes.
Minimum 6 & maximum 16 persons are allowed per group.
Groups will be judged on the basis of Costumes, Steps, Group, Props used.


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College of Food Processing Technology & Bioenergy

A Tech Fest on Food Processing Technology

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